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The Japanese Church Association: Helping Typhoon Prapiroon Victims

  • आपदा राहत
  • देश | Japan
  • तिथि | 30/अगस्त/2018
ⓒ 2018 WATV

The Japan Islands suffered from various disasters throughout this summer. Japan was hit by Typhoons Prapiroon, Cimaron, and Jebi in succession, and a 6.7-magnitude earthquake occurred in Hokkaido. Due to continued disasters, hundreds of people died and thousands of families lost their homes. Large-scale blackouts, shutdowns of airports and many facilities, and highway paralysis occurred in rapid succession.

On August 30, the members from the Church of God gathered in the cities such as Tokyo and Osaka to help the victims with Mother’s love and set off for Kurashiki, Okayama-ken. The place where the members visited was Mabicho. As the tributary of the Takahashi River overflowed due to Typhoon Prapiroon, over 4,500 homes, schools, borough offices, and buildings were flooded and many lives were lost.

ⓒ 2018 WATV

The members visited each household to hand out daily necessities such as pillows, wet tissues, and rubbing alcohol, and consoled and encouraged the victims. As the house restoration work was slow in progress, there were victims who could not go back to their homes. At this, the members cleaned in and out of the Kibiji Clean Center, an evacuation shelter, so that the victims could stay in a little more pleasant environment.

“Thanks to the volunteers, people who’ve experienced such a disaster for the first time and lost their psychological stability are now gaining comfort,” said an official of the evacuation shelter. “It’s sad that the damage is much worse than we saw in the news,” said the members. Sharing the pain of the flood victims, the members said they would continue to help the locals until they regained their peaceful daily lives.

ⓒ 2018 WATV