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The New Jerusalem Cultural Contents Awards Ceremony 2018

  • देश | Korea
  • तिथि | 02/दिसंबर/2018
ⓒ 2018 WATV
The New Jerusalem Cultural Contents Awards Ceremony 2018, which is an integrated awards ceremony of the 19th Melchizedek Literary Awards, the 4th Elohim Video Festival Awards, and the 4th Bible Seminar Presentation Awards, was held at New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple in Korea on December 2. It was attended and celebrated by over 2,000 members including awards winners, finalists, video festival contestants, presentation contestants, and the members who have contributed to the gospel work in various fields such as literary club members, scientific advisers, editors, photo and video reporters, and prospective journalists.

Before the event, award-winning presentations were displayed in turn. The presentations were conveyed efficiently on the basis of objective materials from science to history for everyone to understand easily under the subjects, God Elohim, the Mystery of the Bible, Jesus’ Education Methods, and The Passover Through Which We Escape Disasters.

At the first session of the event, which was the worship service, Mother gave thanks to Father for granting His children talents so that they can deliver the words of life to the whole world through diverse gospel instruments and revive weary souls. Mother encouraged them, saying, “Now the gospel is spreading fast. Right in time, you are taking an important part in raising the increasing sheep ac-cording to the will of God. Please become like the Good Samaritan and save mankind through many contents produced along with the Holy Spirit” (Jn 3:3; Da 12:1–3).

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol delivered Mother’s words that the members who make efforts to produce the gospel contents are hidden contributors and let the participants have pride in their mission. The labor and efforts to produce the contents are invisible, but the result is very important in spreading the gospel throughout the world. “When we do our best to complete our assigned duty, we can advance the fulfillment of the gospel. Please improve your talents diligently, earnestly asking God for wisdom and faith, and produce good writings, videos, and presentations,” said Pastor Kim (Jn 13:8).

Right after the worship service, the award ceremony began. The awardees went up onto the platform with their full hearts, and Mother congratulated each and every one of them, presenting award certificates. Applause and cheers did not cease throughout the event.

ⓒ 2018 WATV
ⓒ 2018 WATV

The participants who realized again the value of various contents that contain God’s will showed their desire to produce the contents that awaken people to the truth and move them. “Through animations, we can deliver a message in an easy and interesting way to everyone, regardless of gender and age. I think today is not the end but another starting point. I will improve my talents more and give a help to the gospel by producing diverse animations,” said Kim Jeong-eun, the winner of Elohim Video Festival Animation Section Bronze Award.

In 2018, the presentations, videos, and publication were used greatly even in local events, not to speak of the Church of God international events, on a large scale such as the Arise & Shine Global Bible Seminar, the ASEZ Global Forum, and the Healing Seminar for Workers. As the number of members grows rapidly and worldwide mission work, volunteer service, and education also go forward very actively, the media contents made by the members will be widely used in the New Year, too.

The 19th Melchizedek Literary Awards
The entries were submitted from May 21 to July 10 in diverse categories such as essay, short novel, children’s story, column, rhetorical writing, and illustration. There were about 720 entries in 13 languages. At the awards ceremony this year, 15 adult members and 12 students won awards.

The 4th Elohim Video Festival Awards
The entry period for the video festival was from April 20 to July 20. The contest categories were semi-documentary, short film, New Song music video, UCC, advertisement, and cartoon. A total of 1,000 members participated and about 229 entries were submitted from Korea, U.S., South Africa, Mongolia, Singapore, etc. 35 entries were selected as winners.

The 4th Bible Seminar Presentation Awards
Despite the short entry period of two weeks from July 15 to 31, 138 teams and 48 individuals from Korea, Australia, Austria, Colombia, Germany, and so on submitted their entries. A variety of topics were covered from Biblical subjects to manners and character. Seven individuals and eight groups were honored as winners.